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◯How to Use
Is technical support only through emails?
Yes.to lower cost for our customers. all of our services are done through the net. Communication is through email only.
Can I register for personal use only?
Of course, we encourage more personal use of our clipping services
Is there a satisfaction guarantee? Can you retouch photos that were not satisfactory?
We will finish any work or mistakes we caused until satisfactory
Can we cancel or return any work that is not satisfactory?
Working with digital data does not allow us to cancel and return payment. Once finished, the work cannot be undone
Is there an extra charge for quick service?
Yes, for a fee, we offer expedited clipping services (20% increase)
Will finished files be returned in the same folder as delivered for service?
Yes, we will return the finished files in the same folder as delivered to us.
How can I explain in detail how I want the clippings to be finished?
We can accept work orders details by FAX, or a PDF file
Can we send files during holidays and non-office hours?
Yes, we can accept files 24hrs/ 365days
Is there a maximum number of files you can accept per company/ per day?
Not particularly, however, depending on the size of the work order we may contact you
How do you charge for clipping multiple images from a single photo?
Each clipping will be charged individually
Can you fix contrast and shading in the photo files?
No, we cannot
How quickly can we request work order after registering?
Please allow 15~30 minutes after registering to allow web uploads to confirm our receiving work orders
If you have files already to be sent, but have not uploaded yet, can we request reserving the time slot for the work order?
If you let us know ahead of time, we will prepare for your work order in advance
What kind of files can you work with?
We are capable of working with JPEG, EPS, TIFF, PSD, BMP, PNG, Photoshop files
Can we send files as PDF’s?
If you can let us know the picture size, format and resolution, we can accept PDF files
How soon can we get an estimate for the work order?
If during normal business hours, we will return an estimate within an hour. For rush orders, please contact us directly by email. We will respond us quickly us possible
How soon can you return work orders in the quickest time?
Depends on how busy we are. Please contact us for special orders
Can we use any name for files
Yes.any name is acceptable but please refrain from using these / (slash), * (asterisk), : (colons)
◯Operational Details
Do you use programs other than Photoshop for working with the images?
No we do not use programs other than Photoshop
Is work done by hand, or automatically by the program?
No, it’s a hands-on service, mastered by a team of professionals
Where is the server based?
The sequred server is based in Japan
◯About Payments
Can we condense multiple work orders into one invoice?
Yes, we can combine multiple orders into one invoice, or remit payment to another destination as well
Can you send us a receipt?
Yes, we will send you a receipt, just let us know
Where is the clipping work done?
Operations are done with a team between our offices in China and Japan