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◯Background Fill-in(FREE)
Clipping, and background fill-in for your chosen (single) color
Trimming of background photo to focus on desired image
Resizing clipped image to requested image size(cm) Please choose desired resolution and size.either smaller or larger
◯Shadowing Effect($.50)
After background fill-in, image can be enhanced with shadowing effect to highlight the desired image
To highlight the desired image, background noise can be edited or trimmed. For example, telephone poles and cables can be removed
RGB images can be converted to CMYK. Digital photos utilized for printing purposes may be convenient to convert to CMYK
◯File Format Conversion(FREE)
Finished media can be converted to desired Media File Format. Please choose file format you would like to convert images to
◯Pixel Resolution Conversion(FREE)
From Digital Photo format to Printing format (350dpi) , and Printing format into Web use format (72dpi)
We will rename image files into desired names for storing and filing
[]Additional Options
menu cost content
background filling free Fill in background to
desired color
trimming from $.99 Trim photo to size
Resizing from $.99 Resizing of image to desired
Shadowing from $.50 We can add a drop shadow
Retouching from $.99 We can retouch photos to
enhance details
RGB→CMYK free RGB Data into CMYK
format change
File Format Conversion free We will change desired photo
Resolution change free We can change the (dpi) into
desired resolution
Renaming from $.20 We will rename files for easier
filing and storing purposes