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Data TransMission Methods
Payment Methods
◯ 2 methods for transmitting draft data
[]1. Sending data to our servers
Once registered with out website, we will provide a log-in and password to access our servers.
Please directly upload your files directly through this server.
[]2. E-mail photo attachment to us directly(Please select e-mail) Email Attachment
Email attachment as your chosen method, and fill in the necessary information and group your files into one folder. When sending as photo attachments, please first convert into .zip files before sending
  Once the files have been uploaded to the servers, you will receive a confirmation email
※ If there is a large number of files, please utilize an online storage service
  General file forwarding service - http://firestorage.jp
※ Up to 250MB
◯ Acceptable File Formats
※If you require a different data file format, please let us know
Please refrain from using [ / ] backwards slash in the file names
◯ Finished File Formats
We will return the finished files in the format we received them in, unless otherwise stated
※If you require the finished files in another file format, please select desired format and consult us directly
For online delivery of finished product, we will condense into a .zip file. Please see instructions for condensing into .zip files